About Us

In 1982; MÜPASAN MİMARLIK MÜHENDİSLİK İNŞAAT, which aims to offer "qualified living spaces" by dissolving advanced technological know-how, correct solution partners, quality materials, creative architecture and engineering services to the same pot and producing projects and structures, Knowledgeable and experienced staff on site.

Respectful to the environment, giving importance to humanity and knowledge; Aesthetics, safety and economics, which we work with, and our solution partners, that we attach importance to these issues.

Using reinforced concrete, steel, composite materials; Both conventional and prefabricated manufacturing methods, design, planning, construction, decoration, landscaping and furnishings, we make every step of the build up.

We continue to operate in consideration of quality control, cost analysis and time management to ensure the unconditional satisfaction of our clients and employers we work with ...



  • Hulusi Zaim BUYAN
    Hulusi Zaim BUYAN
  • fercan yavuz
    Board Member
    fercan yavuz
  • Ali YALÇIN
    Ali YALÇIN
  • sinan nebioğlu
    sinan nebioğlu
  • ceren ünver
    ceren ünver
  • özgür erten
    interior designer
    özgür erten
  • şevket dönmez
    interior designer
    şevket dönmez
  • Y. Noyan YENİCELİ
    Construction Engineer
    Y. Noyan YENİCELİ
  • erkan vurgun
    Construction Engineer
    erkan vurgun
  • doğan polat
    mechanical engineer
    doğan polat
  • G. Göksel AYAN
    G. Göksel AYAN
  • Süleyman Altın
    Accounting and Finans Manager
    Süleyman Altın
  • Filiz tüzersoy
    Filiz tüzersoy
  • kadir güler
    kadir güler
  • erol çalışkan
    erol çalışkan
  • gürkan gür
    gürkan gür
  • yunus er
    Driver and Logistic
    yunus er
  • Birsev Ası
    executive assistant
    Birsev Ası
  • aysun erdönmez
    Kitchen Staff
    aysun erdönmez

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